Your wallet, your keys, the toilet roll, nothing seems safe when you have a curious toddler.

So how do you keep them from fidgeting with locks and light switches, or constantly pulling the phone off the hook? One dad has come up with a genius idea that's brought him much praise on social media.

Known as "teachezofpeachez" on photo sharing site Imgur, the father of a little busy body posted an image of his toddler playing with a board covered in all the items toddlers seem to love, including a phone, calculator, toilet roll, keys and locks.

Viewed over two million times, the photo has received hundreds of comments applauding teachezofpeachez's invention.


One "veteran dad" said: "That dad is a keeper mom, veteran dad here and I find it genius!"

Some suggested the board was a surefire way to turn the child into a mechanic or an engineer, while one viewer called him "a master thief in training".