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It was created more than 100 years ago, but this image of a duck and a rabbit is sparking a huge response on social media.

Depending on what you see and how quickly you register the two images is said to be an indication of how creative you are.

The drawing first appeared in a German magazine in 1892 and was first used by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow, who used the sketch to make the point that perception is not only what you see but is also telling of brain activity.

Jastrow's research and other subsequent studies were based on how fast a person can make out two animals and how quickly participants could change their perception between the duck and the rabbit.


Research participants who found it easy to flip between rabbit and duck, came up with an average of almost five novel uses for an everyday item. But those who couldn't switch between the animals at all came up with less than two novel uses.

The results suggest the ease and pace at which you can move between the two visuals indicates how creative you are. Highly creative people display a talent for finding new uses for existing objects or are able to make connections between previously unconnected concepts or material things.

Research has also noted different animals will appear more prominent depending on the time of year. So with Easter approaching, it is suggested you'll be more inclined to see the rabbit first.


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