Singles are downloading all sorts of apps to expand their dating pool. But after you meet, fall madly in love or lust, would you use another one to help you cut ties?

I tested one out recently. After downloading for $US0.99 on iOS, BreakupText will generate a rambling text informing your boo that you found someone new, lost interest, or have been eaten by a bear - your choice.

The app syncs with your contact list, so the recipient's first name gets plugged in. The texts start off normal, then get a little bizarre. For example: "The time we spent together was awesome ..." one of the options reads. "(But) I got eaten by a bear. It's not too bad, just dark. Pretty quiet. Oh and my cellphone battery is going to die soon so don't text back. Good luck with life!"

I sent some breakup texts to co-workers, who texted back "wtf" or "sorry, wrong number," as any sane person would. Then I sent one of the app's breakup texts to the cellphone number I had in college, and the phone's owner - who said she was a 16-year-old girl who's had the number since she was nine - wrote back. "I've always wanted to know who the hell is Lisa," she texted.


And I've always wanted to know who downloads an app to send a breakup text. Now I know: Relationship writers and practical jokers.