Ever wondered what the random "big bit" at the end of chopsticks is for?

Turns out it has a special purpose - and it's blowing people's minds on social media.

Twitter user Trash Panda made the groundbreaking revelation, sharing a picture of her snapping the chunky bit off the end of the disposable sticks and using it as a nifty stand.

The clever trick ensures your eating tools don't pick up nasty germs which could be lurking on the table.


Fellow Twitter users expressed their appreciation of Trash Panda's ingenious idea.

M McKenzie-Murray tweeted: "I had no idea" while Thanos the Almighty wrote: "This is the same feeling I got when I discovered the noodle boxes fold out into bowls."

Thomas posted: "I never knew ... and I'm Asian" and Beau Murrah commented: "I feel like such a philistine in this moment".

Though Trepanning For Gold cast a dark cloud on the radical news, expressing concern for the impact of the tools on the environment.

He wrote: "Tbh, we should be advocating re-usable chopsticks? One billion of those things go into landfill every year."

Lalo Martins was also sceptical, tweeting: "This is being bandied about as 'the right way nobody knew'. It's not. Just a clever hack possible on SOME sticks."

And this guy was completely unsold on the whole idea.

- news.com.au