Here are the highlights from tomorrow’s Canvas magazine. Get your premium glossy weekend magazine in tomorrow’s Weekend Herald.

Manners - or the lack of them - are on our minds in Canvas this week. Columnist Verity Johnson takes aim at those who are inconsiderate in public and gives three useful options in how to deal to them, while writer Jane Phare investigates whether children's manners have declined in recent years and asks what's acceptable today. What's okay is always going to be subjective, of course - one mother's idea of easy-going charm is another's Dante's inferno. Personally, I have no expectation or desire for a child to stand when I enter a room, but pleasantries are another matter. I may or may not have dealt with a consistently rude neighbourhood kid by kneeling down, grasping both his shoulders and looking into his eyes to slowly intone: "You MUST say 'thank you'." It sort of worked.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Greg Bruce gives Jesse Mulligan a gentle run for his money in his entertaining profile of him, Carroll du Chateau discovers a great value Japanese restaurant in Kingsland and Jennifer Dann talks to best-selling Irish writer Marian Keyes.

Have a great long weekend.