Writing it in a birthday card or penning a personal break up song, people have taken to Reddit to share the cruel ways they've been dumped.

Prompted by the question from Redditor Big_friendly41: "What is the worst way you've been broken up with?", over 5,000 comments have been posted since yesterday.

One wrote about being cheated on while they were undergoing cancer treatment while another explained how they found divorce papers in the letter box.

One user shared how he came home to find everything had been taken from his home. He called the police, not realising it was his girlfriend leaving him.


Another learned after three years his partner was only with him to get closer to his brother.

Others shared their distress at being dumped via social media or text.

Far from a simple text message, Redditor beingDevisor told of his ex-girlfriend's musical dumping method: A video of her singing a self-penned break-up song, featuring their mutual friend dancing in the background.

He wrote: "My girlfriend of a year broke up with me by sending a video of herself singing a break-up song that she wrote. It included a background dancer of one of my good friends.

"I was at a party at the time she sent it and I foolishly played it aloud so all my good pals could hear it, and hear my heart break. Definitely the worse."

For one scorned lover, their partner decided their third anniversary was the perfect day to end things.

After exchanging gifts, he made the announcement, later asking if they could still be friends - with benefits.

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A tough part of a break up is seeing your former partner's Facebook relationship status change to "single" - especially when you didn't even know things were over.

Reddit user the_pb_and_jellyfish posted: "'My ex broke up with me after seven years together by changing his Facebook status to single. It was cold, but also humiliating because most of our friends knew about the break-up before I even found out."

But perhaps the cruelest of all break up methods came from people who cheated on partners while they battled illness or faked being sick themselves.

One wrote about her flatmate who began sleeping with her boyfriend while she was in hospital undergoing cancer treatment.

Another shared their story about an ex who lied about going to a recovery centre for eating disorders and instead ran off with their lover's best friend.

In a particularly heartbreaking post, user Bigblue9kin revealed how his girlfriend was in a horrific car accident and ended their relationship after losing her memory.

"Most of her memory was gone of our interactions and didn't know who I was. I have tried for the past two years to get her back and it's not really working.

"Some memories she remembers but not much overall. She was taken from me and that to me has been the biggest heartbreak in my life. If you're reading this Peyton, I will always love you."

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