Cat owners will know all too well, felines like to find impossibly small or weird places to "relax" in.

One pair of cat owners have shared a picture of their particularly elusive cat, Pedro, hiding in their kitchen. But people the internet over have been left stumped as to where in the photo Pedro is.

Posting the image to website, Pedro's owner asked if anyone could spot his cat hiding somewhere in the "kitchen maze" of his tiny flat.

"If you have a cat or two or even more, you might know that cats have the ability to disappear whenever they want - like ninjas," wrote the anonymous poster.


"They simply fit into everything! And suddenly, they pop up like nothing happened.

"Me and my wife actually live in a pretty tiny flat with our two fur-friends and one of them - his name is Pedro - still can hide himself that good, you won't find him straight away."

Sharing a second shot of their elusive cat as a hint, it wasn't long before the website's users weighed in on the search for Pedro, who had cosied up to a stash of liquor bottles on a top shelf.

Here's the cat you're looking for.
Here's the cat you're looking for.

User Dee Briggs wrote: "I think I can see what could be an ear sticking out from the bottle of, probably whisky, on top of the cupboards. Can't be absolutely sure though."

While Maya Aladdin admitted it took a hint to help her spot him: "Couldn't find him until I saw the hint. Which means I failed! He is pretty good at hiding, I give him that."

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Others were frustrated by the image, complaining that they had been given an "almost impossible task" requiring "x-ray vision" to locate the cat.

The cat's ear can be seen here.
The cat's ear can be seen here.

Fellow cat owners sympathised with the ongoing struggle to locate such a Houdini-like creature.


Aly Lopez wrote: "I've "lost" my cats a few times, we're looking like crazy for them all over the house, calling their name, looking in their usual spots and the cats don't even make a sound. We probably pass by them several times and they're just there silently mocking us!"