5 foods that will be trending this year

Some food trends fade faster than you can say "goji berry," but others have real staying power and can add dimension to our diets for the long haul. Here are several healthy foods worth paying attention to - I predict not only that you'll be seeing more of them in 2016, but they also have what it takes to stick around.

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Steal her style: Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian tends to go for a much more demure look than her sisters, favouring vintage quirks and easy-wear pieces.

Here she works Parisian chic with rocker-billy vibes by adding a leather jacket and strong monochrome accessories.


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Week one: Testing #thekaylamovement Bikini Body Guide

Instagram star and lady mag muse Kayla Itsines has been taking the world by storm with her Bikini Body Guide - 12 week programmes aimed at building and toning muscle in order to flash a bikini-worthy body.

On Monday, we introduced two Herald writers who have signed on to test out the guide, blogging about their experiences as they go.

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Meet the 'new' Max Key: Max Quay

Max Key's glamorous Instagram life may have met its match.

The Prime Minister's son's profile has no doubt been raised by his curated selfies and high end holiday snaps on the social media app.

And it seems his documentation of a lifestyle beyond the grasp of the average New Zealander has sparked a response from one Kiwi bloke.

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Polly Gillespie: Where the hell is the line in the sand on bullying?

I was bullied. I was a nice little fat kid who needed braces and glasses. I was a soft but happy soul. I was bullied. I understand the pain the bullying brings to the bullied and the bully, But I'm loathed to label everything that involves opinion as "bullying".

Let me walk through an example or two. I'll use myself as the chubby, short-sighted little guinea pig.

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