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Food, whether we're eating it, picking at it or avoiding it, is a major part of our lives. And with food comes the inevitable avalanche of advice on how and what to eat and cook. But it's not just the raw ingredients that make up the allure of food. It's part of who we are. In the words of celebrity chef and intrepid traveller Anthony Bourdain in this week's Canvas, what's on your plate is an indication of your history and character.

"What people are eating and what they're not eating tells you a lot about them," he says. And Bourdain should know. He's spent years travelling to far-flung places to talk and eat with the locals, in turn coaxing their stories and their cuisine secrets for the benefit of his television audience.

In our food-themed issue we look at the world's most expensive eateries, including a $677-a-head London sushi bar, and whether fussy, faddy eaters and dieters are spoiling things for those of us keen for a second helping. Donna Hay gets creative with pineapples and don't forget to try your hand at this week's quiz - food-related, of course.