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Welcome back, Canvas readers. Suddenly it's 2016 - another year ahead of work, adventure, family time, making memories and following trends. Carrying on with a trend that started last year - adult colouring books - I gave and received several for Christmas. Herald artist Andrew Louis has designed one for this week's Canvas cover.

We all vow we won't be unduly influenced by the latest look, scoffing at what's "trending" and declaring in our New Year's resolutions to make do with yesterday's model, gadget, iPhone or running shoes. But there's something seductive about the latest active wear - and yes, the 2016 look is different - a new fashion look, food fads, pet crazes, the latest gadgetry, the "in" drink or car. Think of it this way, trend followers, we're a tremendous boost to the economy.

Find out what we'll be wearing to work, going to the gym in ... or not ... eating, drinking, cuddling, playing with, decorating our homes with and driving this year.

Our very own Martin Henderson, now starring in Grey's Anatomy, talks about life in Hollywood, his struggle to get the right breaks and how New Zealand will always be home.


The Beckhams start the year with their fortunes intact. Actually, they're soaring - Victoria with her fashion brand and David, the highest-paid sportsman in the world, even though he doesn't play sport, flush with money in his own image.