A man accused of stealing a crate of Lucozade while riding a 'hoverboard' may make British legal history after being charged with offences including driving the gadget on a pavement.

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Omaree Lindsay, 19, from Croydon, Surrey, is believed to be the first named individual to be prosecuted under new laws that ban the use of the motorised devices on roads and pavements, after he was allegedly filmed riding into a Co-op and out again carrying a crate of Lucozade.

He will appear on bail at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court on December 30, charged with theft, failure to comply with a court order and driving a self-balancing scooter on a pavement.


Just one other person in Britain has been arrested for illegally using a hoverboard, according to Freedom of Information requests obtained by the Sunday Times. The arrest was made in West Sussex. It is unclear if they were charged.

The Crown Prosecution Service introduced laws banning self-balancing scooters, including hoverboards and single-wheeled "monopods" in October, although the gizmos are expected to still be best-sellers this Christmas.

Police had appealed to the public to help trace a man filmed riding a hoverboard with blue flashing lights into a Co-op store in Mitcham, south London.

The figure could be seen on CCTV riding into the shop on September 6, before reappearing a few moments later holding a crate of bottles in his arms.

After performing a neat three-point turn the figure disappeared away from the shop.

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