Move over North West, there's a new tiny style icon racking up followers on Instagram.

Meet Oakley Lynch, the UK toddler born with a limb deficiency condition known as symbrachydactyly.

Oakley's parents, Victoria and Greg, were initially shocked when their son was born without a right hand and forearm.

But their decision to start an Instagram account for their 14-month-old has been a completely positive experience for the family.


Oakley's account, @myoakleydoakley, hasn't just scored him free clothing, it's connected him with hundreds of other children around the world with similar conditions.

His mother, Victoria, said: "I think a lot of people who have children the same as Oakley really appreciate that we're not always dwelling on the fact that he has one hand, it's just a normal account of a little boy who happens to have one hand."

Despite amassing more than 15,000 followers, including hip hop artist Ciara, Oakley's father Greg was initially reluctant to post his pictures.

"Before he was born I was quite against social media," he told the Daily Mail. "But as soon as he was born I was so immensely proud.

"I wanted people to see him straight away and to see he's no different from anyone else. I think it's brilliant that it's spreading the word of limb deficiency or just generally children being different leading normal lives."

According to his parents, Oakley is a very normal child who manages well with his condition.

"He finds ways of doing everything. He'll hold a book with his feet so he's got one hand free to turn the pages and that's something we haven't taught him. He worked it out himself," said Victoria.

The couple is hopeful one day their son will have the use of a prosthetic arm and say they are certain his condition won't hold him back.


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