After the positive reaction across social media towards Durex's safe sex #CondomEmoji campaign, the global leader and number one sexual wellbeing brand announced today that it has submitted an official application to Unicode for the creation of the first official safe sex emoji.

The #CondomEmoji campaign captured attention across the with over 140 countries participating in the hash tag movement. To date the campaign video has 16,000,000 views worldwide, with the campaign being liked, shared or posted over 700,000 times. said of the #CondomEmoji initiative; "it's a smart marketing campaign but there's an admirable social cause behind it." whilst India Today commented; "More than anything, the condom brand wants people to be comfortable in their skin and talk about sex - safe sex - as much as they would like".

Volker Sydow, Global Director Durex, said of the incredible response to the campaign: "The support for a safe sex emoji has been overwhelming and emphasises the outstanding need for a tool which young people can identify with and feel comfortable using to discuss safe sex."


The campaign was prompted by research published by Durex on 18th November, which found that 84% of 16-25 year olds are more comfortable discussing sex using emojis and that an alarming 56% claimed not to worry about safe sex, with a third claiming not to care at all.

Durex submitted their official application to Unicode - the organisation which decides on which emojis appear as standard on all smartphones in light of World Aids Day, December 1.