It was an easy decision to offer a $4,000 reward for the return of Jet the black cat - a beloved Siamese who has been missing since Sunday.

Not many people would offer such a hefty sum for their furry friend but Jet's Papamoa East owner Arno Theijssen said it was worth it.

"We thought if the value of the reward is bigger than the cat, we would have a better chance of him coming back."

He posted details of the reward on Facebook offering it to the person who would lead the family back to their beloved cat.


The 8-year-old feline joined the family three years ago.

"He basically found us. He kept coming into our house. We chased him away but he kept coming back," Mr Theijssen said.

Jet's old owners relocated and asked the Theijssens if they would take the cat.

Mr Theijssen assumed Jet may have accidentally taken a ride in someone's car and ended up in a foreign neighbourhood.

Mr Theijssen said the reward was money they had saved for a holiday.

Joanne Austin, owner of Siamese cat breeders Brenner Cats, said that despite Siamese kittens selling for about $600, Jet's age meant he probably would not have been taken for his financial value.

Ms Austin described Siamese cats as having "dog-like personalities".

"Some can be taught to fetch, they're a lot more active than a lot of other cats," she said.