Do you need more cute in your life?

We have the perfect answer - a one-week-old kitten named Bruce, found on the roadside and now being hand-raised by some generous Aucklanders.

Bruce, a palm-sized ball of grey fluff, has his own Facebook page where you can follow his daily progress. So far his tiny steps include graduating from an eye-dropper to a milk bottle, putting on weight and learning to purr.

"Hello, my name's Bruce," the page says. "Mum found me when I was just one day old. She and my dad are keeping me warm and fed with help from my other new human friends."


Bruce was born somewhere in Kingsland, central Auckland. His adopted mum, Kathryn van Beek, found him crawling down the footpath all by himself, soaking wet after a downpour.

After checking that Bruce didn't belong to any of the neighbours she took him home and now he lives with her, her partner and a "big sister" Jager the cat.

Bruce's big news this week was that his umbilical cord had fallen off.

Friends are also helping take care of him: "Bruce is spending the day with aunty Kalee. This morning we worked on Feeding and Doing A Poo. This afternoon - Bruce learns how to make Margaritas!" a post read.

He also likes sleeping and being wrapped in blankets.

Follow Bruce on Facebook.