If your Bellini-making skills aren't up to scratch (hey, getting the right ratio of prosecco to peach puree can be a chore), then ditch the extras and stick with the sparkling. Where these three stunners are concerned, less is most definitely more.

Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG NV

Produced from glera grapes grown in Italy's Valdobbiadene region, this boasts subtle lemon and persimmon aromatics and a crisp, tangy palate. The acidity is zesty and adds length to the pillowy-dry finish. Prosecco is, as a rule, lighter in alcohol than normal methode traditionelle styles (this one is 11.5 per cent alcohol) but the flavours here just keep on giving. It's just perfect with a heaping bowl of melon balls wrapped in prosciutto.


Villa Sandi Prosecco Il Fresco Brut DOC


This terrific little sparkler from Treviso has got summer camping trip written all over it. With just enough florals and fruit on the nose to keep things interesting, followed by a twang of green apple, pear and peach on the palate, it's a crunchy, cleansing sip that'll keep even the most hot and flustered happy. Again, at just 11 per cent alcohol, it's unlikely to send you sideways.



Jacobs Creek Reserve Prosecco NV
I'm not sure of the legalities of calling a wine "prosecco" when it hasn't been made in Italy but the folk at Jacobs Creek are growing prosecco (glera) grapes and making a true-to-type style in Australia, so it must be fine and dandy for now. Sweet, musky apple and peach aromas lead to a full, juicy, tropical spectrum of flavours in the mouth and a tongue-tingling finish. It's a lower alcohol (9.5 per cent) style that'll appeal to those who like a splash of sweetness in their sparkling.
Price: $17.29