Prince Harry has enjoyed lengthy relationships with blonde-haired Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, but has he now acquired a taste for exotic brunettes? The 30-year-old Prince is alleged to have enjoyed a passionate romance with a stunning half-Brazilian socialite, Antonia Packard, who is reported to be "taking society by storm" with her equally sultry sister, Tessa.

"Harry was going out with Antonia before he went to Africa," claims one of her pals. "They were very close. They met through mutual friends. Antonia knows Harry's cousin Princess Eugenie."

Eugenie, who attended Marlborough College with Antonia, appears to be something of a matchmaker for the Prince. The Duchess of York's daughter, 25, also introduced him to aspiring actress Cressida, with whom he went on to have a two-year romance.

Party-loving Antonia is the 29-year-old daughter of late financier Fred Packard and Brazilian beauty Dulce Maria de Barros Marchi, who lives in Belgravia, around the corner from Buckingham Palace.


Her great-grandfather was film producer J Arthur Rank, who co-founded Pinewood Studios and later the Rank Organisation.

Before she met Harry, Edinburgh University graduate Antonia was pictured kissing a frog on her Facebook page, prompting one of her chums to joke: "Prince-o-fication in progress, I see."

In a profile picture on her social media page, she could be seen posing in a grass skirt and bikini top. At the time, Antonia was standing in front of a hirsute young man wearing only a green loin cloth and a wide grin. They were both clutching a wooden spear while Antonia displayed her dexterity by holding a beer bottle with the same hand, and a glass of wine in the other.

Former Apache helicopter pilot Harry is on a "gap year" in Africa after leaving the Army, while Antonia, who runs a charity for victims of domestic abuse, is on holiday. Their alleged romance is the talk of London's social scene, with Tatler magazine running a feature on Antonia and 30-year-old jeweller Tessa.

Describing the "mesmerising duo" as "everybody's favourite Brazilians", Tatler says: "Antonia recently caught the eye of a royal, Prince Harry." It adds she would never discuss the relationship: "Apart from good looks, fun and lineage, nothing is more attractive to a prince than discretion."

Tessa tells me: "I'm afraid I don't comment on or contribute towards social features."

Kensington Palace took the highly unusual step last night of formally denying the claims. "'This story is completely untrue," said a spokesman, who declined to say if he had discussed it with Harry.

The Palace never usually comments on the Prince's love life and did not even confirm officially his break-up with Cressida.


- Daily Mail