My old boss had the same name as my boyfriend. This was always a risk I considered when it came to sending personal emails or cute text messages.

One time, I let my guard down. I wrote "FYI, my mum loves the fish taco special on tonight."

I was referring to the delicious meal at Mexico we were eating, and intended for my boyfriend to pass the message on to our mate, Johnny, part-owner of the popular eatery. Instead, my boss received the message and replied awkwardly: "That's good to know".

It could have been much worse. But the mention of my mum, and a fish taco special, still made my skin crawl.


This week, - a site that crowdsources responses to the most awkward, intimate texts - said they'd fielded more than 200 text messages in a fortnight. Many of them enough to make even the most seasoned texter cringe.

"I don't love you anymore."

"I never liked you like that. I lied."

"You are fired." (Just like that! Sans even a "goodbye"!)

The majority of Textie's submissions have to do with love and sex, particularly during those awkward pre- and post-dating periods when there's no clear texting etiquette.

We asked you to send us your most cringey text message exchanges. Read some of our favourites and share yours in the comment section below.

• I sent a text to an attractive platonic friend of many years who was going to move in as a flatmate. My text was "so are you going to be my flatmate". Autocorrect sent "so are you going to be my playmate". - Jeroen

• My girlfriend's mother gave me some passionfruit. I text her to say thanks. "Your passion were amazing last night," forgetting the word fruit. - John

• I have a friend who went on a date and afterwards meant to text her friend "omg date was awful, and he wanted to kiss me!" Instead she sent the message to the guy she went on the date with. While the text was sending she realised her mistake and tried to stop it but instead sent it twice. The guy wrote back: "I get it". - Eve

• A friend told me via text that she had breast cancer. I sent her a text: "honey you need a gin" It was autocorrected to: "honey you need a gun". Fortunately I noticed it before she told me and was able to send a correction. - Lauren

• I sent a number of texts to my wife outlining in detail what was likely to occur when I got home after we had spent some days apart. She responded in a similar vein which escalated. We then met en route, at which time I told her the raunchy texts were well received. She told me she had left her phone in the office where it had been during our communication. A group of colleagues had been responding on her behalf. It was pretty embarrassing but we all had a laugh at the end. - Rod

• I went to a flat with some friends a few years ago. Upon entering the residence, we immediately knew we wouldn't be taking the place; it was was dark, stale and moldy - the worst of Wellington flats. After viewing the flat, I sent a text to my boyfriend at the time saying "well that was a NO" - however, to my horror when I received a reply, I noticed I had actually sent the text to the occupant I'd been in communication with instead. She curtly replied "well thanks for your interest." I nearly died of embarrassment. - Kate