Feel like a cuteness overload? The SPCA is currently live streaming four fuzzy kittens as part of an adoption drive.

The "Kitty Cam" live stream was suggested to the RNZSPCA by NZME.'s The Hits radio station, after being inspired by similar campaigns overseas.

Currently, four adorable kittens appear on screen - three gingers and a tortoiseshell.

They were not currently available for adoption, due to their on-screen requirements - but many other cats and kittens were seeking forever homes, said Rona Booth of the Auckland SPCA.


However, she said it was important to recognise that cat-ownership was a long-term commitment before adopting.

"People shouldn't just get a kitten because it's cute and they want to adopt a kitten because it'd be fun."

It was hoped that viewers of the lifestream would also feel compelled to adopt more mature cats as well.

"Kittens are very cute and they get adopted very quickly," Ms Booth said.

"Some of the adult cats take a bit longer to find a home and we would love to see them get homes from this campaign as well."

Although the Kitty Cam cats are based in Auckland, the adoption campaign is nationwide.

11 May, 2015 5:36pm
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The Auckland SPCA had between 50 and 70 cats and kittens available for adoption this week and around 300 kittens residing in foster homes, Ms Booth said.

It costs $160 to adopt a kitten, $105 for an adult cat and $35 for a senior cat over seven-years-old. The price includes vet checks, vaccinations, desexing and worm and flea treatments.

The kittens will be featured on The Hits website for the rest of the week.