Pet owners are inspired by the names given to newborn royals, new research has found.

Since the birth of Prince George in 2013, the name has grown in popularity among pet owners and now ranks 11th for dogs and 7th for cats, which are insured by Southern Cross Pet Insurance.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance head Anthony McPhail said the list of top 10 names also illustrated the trend of giving pets names traditionally used for humans.

"We conducted research that shows 58 per cent of New Zealanders treat their pet the same as any other family member, so it stands to reason that owners consider their fur babies as children and give them human names."


However, unique and distinctive names still had their place in the animal world, Mr McPhail said.

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr's owner said the moment they picked up their new Maine Coon kitten it was obvious he was a "swashbuckler".

"He was so spry and mischievous that we knew we had to name him after the fourth Musketeer."

Popular culture also had a strong influence on pet names, with Aslan, Harry Potter and Yoda all listed with Southern Cross as well as some very New Zealand names including Greywacke Jones and Slinky Malinki.

Top 10 dog names

1. Bella
2. Charlie
3. Max
4. Molly
5. Ruby
6. Poppy
7. Oscar
8. Toby
9. Coco
10. Lucy

Top 10 cat names

1. Bella and Oscar
2. Coco and Max
3. Charlie
4. Molly and Poppy
5. Louie
6. Milo
7. George
8. Chloe, Cleo, Leo, Lily and Tigger
9. Millie
10. Louis, Misty and Simba