The discovery of Queensland fruit flies in the Grey Lynn area has led to the Pasifika Festival relocating for the 2015 show.

Pasifika Festival 2015 was originally scheduled to take place at Western Springs Park, but has been moved to Hayman Park in Manukau.

The festival runs from March 14-15.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is taking urgent action to eradicate the Queensland fruit fly - a serious insect pest of fruit and vegetable crops - and is confident of success given the resources and expertise involved. As part of these efforts, MPI has placed restrictions on the movement of whole fresh fruit and some vegetables out of a 1.5km exclusion zone which includes the Pasifika Festival site at Western Springs Park.


Pasifika Festival 2015 will include over 230 food and craft stalls, many of which will serve fresh fruit - a staple of many traditional Pacific Island cuisines.

Auckland Tourism, Event and Economic Development (ATEED) and Orange Productions have been in regular contact with MPI regarding the potential impact that these restrictions might have on Pasifika Festival.

MPI has advised of the high risk of hosting Pasifika Festival at Western Springs Park, with an estimated crowd of 40,000 people per day likely to attend.

As a result, all parties have reached an agreement to move Pasifika to Hayman Park, which is outside of the exclusion zone, to mitigate and manage the risk that the Queensland fruit fly presents.

Mayor Len Brown said: "Auckland Council is working closely with MPI on the Queensland fruit fly eradication operation, including providing resources and staff expertise. We appreciate the need to act swiftly and decisively.

"To minimise the risk of spreading this devastating insect pest and working on MPI advice, our ATEED team and event organisers Orange Productions have been working hard to find an alternative venue for this year's Pasifika Festival.

"Hayman Park will be a good temporary home for Pasifika Festival. It offers the right size, scale and accessibility - with excellent links to public transport - to accommodate the cultural performances, food and craft which make Pasifika one of Auckland's most loved cultural events.

"It also has a similar feel to Western Springs Park, with mature trees and a layout that lends itself to the village format that Pasifika Festival is famous for - I am looking forward to another great Pasifika Festival."