Our own blood is being used to enhance complexions with the glow of vitality.

An Auckland appearance medicine clinic has introduced a cutting-edge "facelift" treatment using the patient's blood - without a knife or surgeon in sight.

Instead, patients have platelet-rich plasma - drawn from their bodies and separated before treatment - re-injected into their skin with a state-of-the-art "U225 gun".

The treatment was developed in France and is used in clinics throughout Europe, the US, Australia and now two New Zealand clinics.

Ever Young co-director and cosmetic injectable nurse Stacey Power said the treatment, often referred to overseas as a vampire facial, was proving a hit.


It is painless, there is no down time after treatment and it uses a natural product. "Because PRP uses your own blood, there are no allergic reactions.

"It creates healing effects in the skin and the results we are getting are outstanding," she said.

As well as renewing the face, hands and neck, the treatment is also effective for hair regrowth.

The treatment tricks the brain into producing collagen and elastin during the healing process. The result is plump, hydrated skin that glows, Power claimed.

A course of treatment typically involves three appointments over four to six-week intervals - and it's not cheap.

It starts at $1300 for hiring the gun and $500 for each vial of blood used.

Power aims to have clients looking a rejuvenated, younger-looking version of themselves.

"It's important to be as natural as you can be and not looking like you've had any work done and looking refreshed."


She added that one of the cheapest things people could do to look after their skin was to wear sunscreen all year.

A New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine spokeswoman said although studies showed the plasma treatment was effective in rehydrating the skin and stimulating new collagen, it was not as effective as a liquid facelift and it was unlikely to replace injectable treatments.

Appearance medicine is experiencing enormous growth in New Zealand as more people incorporate it into their personal grooming schedule.

A pharmacy at one of New Zealand's biggest malls, Life Pharmacy St Lukes in Auckland, is even offering shoppers walk-in Botox treatments and has plans to offer it at other outlets.