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Most people will take a second look at this cheeky image plastered around the city streets. That's the point, said the brains behind the confronting ad campaign to promote men's health. "The theme is Be More Vocal and at first glance many may jump to conclusions around the image they see," said Chairman of Men's Health, Phil Clemas. "It is in actual fact a set of vocal chords blown up but it does look like a vagina so there's bound to be some people doing a double take when they see the advertisements initially." Mr Clemas doesn't think people would be offended by the posters and hoped they will get guys talking. "We want to disrupt their daily commute to work and make them think, 'What the heck have I just seen?' he said. "Hopefully it gets raised at work and the conversation will come around to men's health and it will make them think about their own situation. "'When was the last time I went to a doctor?', 'I feel fine but should I still get a check-up?' Any conversation about men's health will mean this campaign is a success." The latest ads - launched this week in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington - follow on from last year's crude campaign that saw confronting stickers slapped on to ads and billboards around the cities last year. Last year's campaign: Crude ads aim to spark chat about men's health "We are notorious for not discussing problems that are going on with our health, mainly out of fear," Mr Clemas said. "The statistics regarding the health of men are getting worse and now we're in a situation where every three hours a New Zealand male dies of preventable causes. It's time to start talking about our health." -