She's a fresh-faced world-famous supermodel and he's a young rapper tattooed up to the neck - Kate Moss and Wiz Khalifa couldn't look more different if they tried.

However, one fashion brand decided to combine 40-year-old Kate's flawless look and Wiz's urban style for its new campaign - and it oozes cool.

The supermodel and hip hop star have been unveiled as the new faces of Paris label Eleven Paris, which says the duo are "as fascinating as they are scandalous" and embody the spirit of the brand.

Oriel Bensimhon, one of the two founders of Eleven Paris, said: "We recognise ourselves in their indolence, hedonism and naturally grunge attitude, and I think that they, too, recognised themselves in our collection.


"The style was done very simply: we let them choose the clothes that they liked best and it turned out they were the strongest pieces of our new collection."

Wiz Khalifa, 26, real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz, is best known for his debut single Black And Yellow, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Khalifa, who can be seen blowing smoke in the campaign imagery, is open about his use of cannabis, and has told countless interviewers that he spends over £5,000 a month on cannabis.

The rapper even launched his own line of rolling papers called Wiz Khalifa Brand Rolling Papers and his tour is named the Waken Baken Tour.

When asked if he thought marijuana should be legalised, he told MTV News: "Definitely, legalise it. Please, everybody needs it. The world would be a better place."

The campaign was shot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, who the brand believes is the perfect snapper.

Dan Cohen, co-founder of Eleven Paris, said: "Who better than Terry Richardson could shoot this campaign? We wanted an eye capable of capturing these rebel spirits without taking things too seriously."

This is Kate's second campaign for the French fashion house and she and Wiz follow on from the brand's former campaign stars such as rockstar Lenny Kravitz, the godfather of punk Iggy Pop, and It-girls Daisy Lowe, Charlotte Free and Sky Ferreira.


- Daily Mail