Hordes of teenagers will be heading into stores when Lorde's lipstick is launched today, if waiting-list requests are anything to go by.

"We've had lots of inquiries," said Smith & Caughey's cosmetics buyer and manager Lynda Grant.

"We've never ordered these quantities before."

The trend-setting plum lipstick was being stocked at levels above other limited-edition celebrity collaborations, including for Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Brand partner M.A.C wouldn't reveal quantities imported, but Ms Grant said the department store's initial stock order was up five- to six-fold.


The $40 lipstick is named Pure Heroine after Lorde's debut album.

Ruby Payne, 16, from Birkenhead Pt, has wanted the lipstick since first spotting the buzz about it online.

"It's really amazing for my friends and I to have a make-up and fashion inspiration who is also a teenage girl from Auckland, because we can relate more to her than other celebrities."

Dark lips were definitely a trend they were exploring, but it was hard to find the perfect shade.

"I thought it was the exact lipstick I had been looking for."

Lorde told the Herald's Viva magazine she liked the idea of making a product for friends and fans to use, as she used to share favourites with her schoolmates.

"We all used to hand round the same lipstick."

The "Lorde effect" is credited with helping drive interest in bolder lipstick shades.

Lorde's advice for wearing the dark lip - "ease into it," she told Vogue Australia.

"I used to wear a lot of stains. You can get a lipstick like this and that's part of the reason why I gave it the finish that I did because it just goes onto your finger really easily.

"You can wear it lightly but still wear the colour and I feel like transitioning into it is probably a good idea if you feel like you need to work your way up to a dark colour."

Ms Grant said queries about the arrival date of the Lorde lipstick had been coming into Smith & Caughey's from across all age groups for weeks.

It will also be stocked at M.A.C stores in Auckland and department store counters in other main centres, including in Hamilton.