Canadian Jordan Poste grew up with a poster of New Zealand taped to the wall behind his bed. He's not sure where it came from, but says he has had a deep fascination with Aoteroa for as long as he can remember.

Jordan and his partner Jenna Cock sold their house, packed up all their possessions and without even visiting NZ, took a leap of faith and relocated to what they describe as an "outdoor wonderland".

The couple filmed the process of telling their friends the surprising news, leaving their jobs for the last time and saying goodbye to their cat.

Since arriving this year the active pair have documented all the hikes, adrenalin sports and adventure activities they've taken in so far including more unusual things like the rock slide and fly boarding. Check out their blog here.


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Here's a story of two Canadians who sold up their lives, told family and friends that they are moving to New Zealand. Jordan Poste and partner Jenna Cock have been living the 'Kiwi dream' since arriving in 'God's own'.