The wife of TVNZ's political editor Corin Dann will front the network's Sunday programme tonight to talk about her battle with alcoholism.

Nearly three years after first blogging about her attempts to abstain from alcohol using the pseudonym Mrs D, Lotta Dann is going public.

She used her blog 'Mrs D Is Going Without' as a secret diary to document her journey, from the alcoholic mother of three for who "one bottle was not enough" to a revitalised, sober woman.

Dann said her Facebook page "exploded" following a promotion for tonight's show.


"It would be fair to say I didn't have the best sleep in the world last night.

"My Facebook exploded last night after the TV promo went out in advance of Sunday night's piece airing - and I 'outed' myself to all my Facebook friends about my book coming out as well. It went nuts!"

Since the promo, hundreds of viewers had found her blog and read about her journey from "miserable, boozy, lonely, stuck person" to the woman she is now, she wrote.

"And I think that if even one of those hundreds of hits was from a person who is right now stuck in the place I was stuck in.. feeling miserable and alone.. then all of this lost sleep will be worth it....all I want to say is you are not alone."