A pizza claimed to be Australasia's hottest is being launched this month, and those who eat a whole one will get a free pair of underpants.

The Angry Dragon is a new Hell Pizza offering limited to people aged 18 and over.

The ring of fire is topped with super-hot ghost peppers, extra-spicy sauce, pepperoni, capsicum and black pepper.

Ghost peppers, known in their native India as Bhut Jolokia, are around 20 times hotter than cayenne pepper on the Scoville Heat Scale, which measures chilli heat.


"When we taste-tested the pizza, not one of the eight people trying it could finish more than two snack slices," said Hell general manager, Ben Cumming. Hell said Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services tested the entire pizza at 8900 on the Scoville scale - hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Customers who eat the whole pizza will get a full refund of the Angry Dragon's cost, a free change of "Dragon Slayer" underpants and a certificate.

Buyers must sign a waiver indemnifying Hell from loss or damages and assuming all risks, and the pizza cannot be eaten by anyone who is pregnant.

Hell staff will be required to wear gloves to prepare each pizza.

The Angry Dragon launches on Friday at $21 for a double and $10 for a snack.

Chris Marriner: Firing up the dragon

Chris Marriner is trying the 'hot' pizza from Hell.

I'm a guest at a wedding in half an hour and I'm staring at a circle of Angry Dragon pizza, regretting my foolish offer to eat it.

A few mouthfuls in, and everything seems fine. I thought I'd be in serious pain by now. Then, there's a noticeable kick - burning from the back of my throat to the inside of my lips.

I have to grimace as I chew, sweat beads on my forehead. As I pick up the sixth and final piece, all I feel is horrible sense of foreboding. Photographer Michael Craig suggests purging to ease the after-effects.


Wide-eyed, I respond: "Can you imagine how painful that would be, bringing it up?" I wouldn't recommend it for a first date, and that's just the snack size.