There's something for everyone this weekend, so pick your poison and get high on life.

Caffeine high

It was inevitable, really, given our

skills that we'd have to have an entire showground devoted to our favourite. There'll be roasters and baristas, artisan chocolatiers covering drinking, cooking, cupcakes, chocolate fruits and more. Check out the cooking demonstrations and get amongst the tastings. There will be lots of tastings. Somehow licorice, honey and gluten free sneaks in there too - we're happy to try!

Details: The Coffee and Chocolate Show, The Cloud, Queens Wharf. Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm. Website.
Happy high


C'mon, we're starting week two of the Comedy Festival and you still haven't booked all those shows yet, have you? Go. Now. This weekend you can chose from Seriously Bad Taste to Ben Hurley, man-child Chris Martin (the funnier one), pizzas with Rose Matafeo, Stuart Goldsmith, improv for kids ... Laugh until your belly hurts.

Details: Check out the full schedule here.
Runners High

This is for those who love to run. All around the world runner types will kick off at exactly the same time to raise funds for people who can't run - that means 10pm local time for New Zealand runners. Trail starts at Hampton Downs, heads east towards the Firth of Thames and on to State Highway 25 and up to Miranda, Hunua Ranges and Kawakawa Bay. It's endurance stuff - the race continues until there is only one female and one male athlete in the world left running, to be crowned Wings for Life World Run Champion. Dan Carter will be giving it a crack. Better book Monday's leave now, then.

Details: Sunday, starts at 9.30am. Hampton Downs Raceway. Website.
Creative High

In the office, we've become very competitive about growing orchids. So we'll be joining the nanas and cool florists and rabid fanatics who make up our orchid community, at the sweetest fair in Auckland this weekend - the annual Orchid Society show. We'll be picking the experts' brains, buying fabulous new breeds and generally ready to show off when the working week returns.

Details: Sunday, 11am to 4pm, Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, 773 New North Road. Website.
This weekend's weather:

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