1. Jesse Mulligan weds long-time partner

Jesse Mulligan had a much more important date to prepare for this than his nightly Seven Sharp appearance. Mulligan - TV host, comedian and food reviewer - married his long-time partner Victoria Dawson-Wheeler at a Grey Lynn home on Monday afternoon.
Guests were entertained in a large white marquee. The ceremony was held amid tight security, presumably to protect an exclusive women's magazine deal. The bride, wearing a lacey cream dress, was protected from prying eyes with umbrellas as she arrived. Applause and music, including a Taylor Swift number, could be heard coming from the address. Wedding guests, who included fellow comedian Jeremy Corbett, listened as Mulligan thanked family and also the crowd for being "good and being patient" during the warm afternoon. The couple have been together for more than 10 years and have two daughters, Hazel, 2, and 9-month-old Daisy.

2. 3D printing used to rebuild man's face

A British man has made history after undergoing ground-breaking surgery to reconstruct his face using a series of 3D printed parts. Stephen Power, from Cardiff, who suffered serious facial disfigurement after a motorcycle accident, is one of the first trauma patients in the world to have 3D printing used at every stage of a procedure. The 29-year-old sustained two broken arms and his right leg was so badly damaged it required a bone graft after he was involved in a crash in September 2012. He also suffered fractured cheekbones and eye sockets and his upper jaw and skull were smashed. But now the former barman says he will no longer have to "hide away" after his facial injuries were rectified thanks to pioneering 3D technology.

Stephen Power before and after having facial reconstruction surgery. Photo / ABMU Health Board, AFP
Stephen Power before and after having facial reconstruction surgery. Photo / ABMU Health Board, AFP

3. Why dogs attack and what to do about it

Prompted by a recent dog attack, zoologist and animal behaviour expert, Sally Hibbard, shared her insights with us about why dogs attack, what owners can do to avoid their dog biting, and what to do if you encounter an incident.

"All dogs have the potential to react aggressively in response to certain triggers, as demonstrated recently with the terrible attack on Sakurako Uehara. The offending Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not considered a dangerous breed, though they are powerful dogs, especially when acting as a pack. As details emerge we may know more as to what caused the dogs to behave so aggressively," she writes. Click the link above tor read more. You can read Sally's blog, Talk to the Animals, every Tuesday online.

Video of the week
When 20 strangers kiss for the first time

A first kiss is an intimate and sometimes nerve-wracking moment for any two people, but what happens if they have never met each other before? That's the theme that Los Angeles-based filmmaker Tatia Pilieva explores in her new video First Kiss, in which she asks 20 complete strangers to lock lips on screen - with some surprising results. While most of the participants laugh nervously to fill the awkward silences before their kiss, many of them become passionately lost in the moment when they finally lean in. The heartwarming video, which was made as an advertisement for clothing company Wren Studio, has already amassed more than 33 million views.

The blog we're talking about this week
Lee Suckling: Gay or hipster? + other cultural confusions

David Bekham, Carson Kressley and Jared Leto. Photo / Getty Images, Supplied, AP
David Bekham, Carson Kressley and Jared Leto. Photo / Getty Images, Supplied, AP

"We used to call them metrosexuals. They were a special breed of straight male; created circa 2003 by David Beckham and Carson Kressley. And they confused the hell out of all of us," writes modern life blogger, Lee Suckling. They moisturised their faces and put product in their faux-hawks. They wore fitted t-shirts and spent money on good shoes. They were, for all intents and purposes, gay men that happened to like women. Feeding off this confusing trend, American men's magazine Details theorised the issue with a pseudo-anthropological feature titled Gay or.... Lee's piece caused a bit of a stir online and had us divided in the office. Have a read (all the way to the end) and share your thoughts in the comment section. Read more of Lee's modern day musings online every Wednesday.

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