The mystery millionaire who won $26 million on Powerball three weeks ago has spent up large on cars and is planning to follow the All Blacks on tour.

Speaking to the Herald on Sunday on the condition of anonymity, the winner, who bought his ticket at the Willy Wonka confectionery booth in downtown Auckland, said: "I've been having a good time spending the money. A few new cars. I've just been trying to look after my family and make a few investments so the money will last."

The February 22 winner says he has a holiday planned, "but I'd prefer not say where to".

"I have a couple of overseas 'bucket list' trips in mind as well - maybe follow the All Blacks. Or go on safari. It's all possible now."


He said he wasn't tempted to go public as one of the biggest lottery winners in New Zealand. "I'm just keeping the win quiet, it's easier that way ..."

Willy Wonka owner Nilesh Shah said the winner hadn't returned to identify himself.

He said Lotto ticket sales had returned to normal levels after the big queues for the $26m Powerball prize.