She went for the specials - but got much more than she bargained for.

A young shopper at St Lukes Mall in Auckland for the Boxing Day sales got an unexpected present when her boyfriend knelt down and proposed in front of hundreds of people.

Witnesses crowded around and leant over balconies to catch a glimpse of the impromptu proposal in front of Pascoes jewellers.

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Esquires cafe staff had a good view of the couple's happy moment.

"He started shouting 'Merry Christmas everybody, I'm going to propose to my girlfriend today'," said worker Tim Jo.

The girl blushed as her boyfriend told her he loved her, said Mr Jo.

She stood there for about 20 seconds with her hands covering her mouth, filled with emotion, then gave her boyfriend her hand. As for the answer, did she say yes?

"She kind of had to," said fellow Esquires worker Ryan Hobbs. "They had a mean-as kiss."

"I was saying it was R18," Mr Jo added.

As the couple kissed, the crowd cheered and clapped.