David and Victoria Beckham have bought a home in West London for 40 million ($80.4 million ) and have decided it needs another 5 million spent on it to bring it up to scratch.

The new home, on one of the smartest streets in Kensington and Chelsea, has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

British newspapers reported renovations to the four-storey house would include four nail bars for Victoria and visiting galpals.

It would also have a room for Victoria's shoes, a catwalk, staffed massage rooms and a panic room.


Secret entrance tunnels would run under the 34m Oriental garden, which will have a waterfall and a small astroturf football pitch.

The celebrity couple and their four children are expected to move into the home when the modifications are completed towards the end of next year.

An underground garage will store Beckhams' fleet of cars and motorbikes.

Staff will use the tunnels to enter from a second property.

David, 38, and Victoria, 39, are expected to occupy the top floor. Guests will be on the third floor and the children on the second floor.

The couple this year sold their Hertfordshire home and its 5ha estate for 12 million.