That we are a nation of pie-gobbling, beer-drinking, coffee addicts is a well-known fact, but a survey has revealed that Kiwis also have a soft spot for their greens.

Over a quarter of New Zealanders said the food they would find it hardest to live without would be fruit and veges in a survey that looked at what food, modern conveniences and people 1000 New Zealanders would find most difficult to give up over a five-day period.

It was commissioned by Unicef to raise awareness about the Live Below the Line Challenge, which raises money for participating charities.

Communications manager Karen Gray said the discovery of the country's love for greens was very surprising. "It's strange considering we are a nation that really seems to love its wine and coffee."


Ms Gray hoped the survey would inspire people to sign up for Live Below the Line to see what they personally could give up for five days.

Paula Dudley, manager of the 5+ A Day campaign, is inspired by the results of the survey. She said they were a bonus for the health system, helping to reduce diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

"If this trend continues, as I hope it does, our future looks very bright indeed."

The survey also found 23 per cent of respondents would find the internet the hardest modern convenience to give up for five days.

However, men (29 per cent) would find it more difficult to give up than women (18 per cent).

Sixty per cent of men identified their partner as the person they would find it hardest to be without whereas only 36 per cent of women said the same thing.

Live Below the Line is a five-day challenge where New Zealanders feed themselves for $2.25 a day. It is the New Zealand equivalent of the extreme poverty line and the challenge attempts to give a glimpse into the lives of those who live in such poverty every day.

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