She is more robust than most 86-year-olds could ever hope to be, but questions will inevitably be raised as to whether the Queen is being asked to do too much.

Not only did she head straight from hospital to Buckingham Palace to be briefed by her private office, she will continue to work remotely from Windsor Castle for the rest of the week.

According to the monarchy's official website: "Often, one of the last lights on in the Palace at night is the Queen finishing her 'red box' of official papers."

In 2012, the Queen undertook 425 meetings, visits and investitures and publicly re-affirmed her determination to serve her people for the rest of her life, putting paid to speculation that she would consider abdicating in favour of her heir, Prince Charles.


But this weekend's events will inevitably reignite debate as to whether the younger members of her family should be starting to shoulder some of the burden of public life.