It's the last week Kiwi kids can write to Santa and New Zealand Post is fielding thousands of weird and wonderful letters.

The opportunity to write to the man in red runs until this Friday and the requests, from humble to fantastical, have been flowing in.

"Could I please have a jar to put water in for pretend fish," one child wrote.

"Can I please have some chocolate that comes back when you eat it all," asked another.


And just in case Santa forgets: "Im [sic] a boy and would like boy presents because im a boy."

And while some asked Santa to ignore their bad behaviour: "As far as you're concerned and as far as I want to remember, I have been a really good boy," and "Dear Santa, I am a good boy. I always am. It's not true what you hear."

Others were a bit more honest: "I have been really naughty this year so I'd understand if you didn't get me anything, but I still love you Santa and I think that's more than a lot of kids these days," read one heart-felt plea.

Some kids wanted to give Santa some instructions.

"Please sneek into my house and try not to wake me and don't get too drunk on the beers, my Dad said I can only give you one of his."

And some just wanted to say thanks.

"Thanks you for Elves and reindeer and you working so hard to drop off all the presents to the whole world and Mars."

"Thank you for all of the presents you have given me in the past years! I have a pet fish that does nothing."

Letters can be submitted electronically using the NZ Post website, or posted to Santa Claus, c/o Santa's Workshop, North Pole 0001.

All letters need to have a full name and mailing address on them.