Sex is like a sport in Australia, according to Robbie Williams, who says the country is blessed with some "cracking players".

But the bad news for any Aussie girl hoping to let him entertain her on a future tour Down Under is that the English pop singer says he's "loved up" with his wife after the recent arrival of their first child.

The 38-year-old, who's renowned for his cheeky humour and risqué on-stage behaviour, says trips to Australia allow him to push the boundaries.

"I love coming to Australia because it's encouraged, I'm given more rope in Australia," he told the Seven Network on Sunday.


"Sex is like a sport in Australia ... and what a cracking set of players you have over there."

Williams and his actress wife Ayda Field became parents for the first time last month with the arrival of Theodora Rose.

He said becoming a father was "unexplainable" but it had made him a better man.

"She came out and I went 'this is all I want to do, this makes sense, I want to be with her, I want to watch her grow, and I want to be daddy'."

In a wide ranging interview ahead of this week's release of his eighth studio album, Williams, who has been teetotal for 12 years, also touched upon his well-documented struggles with substance abuse.

"Unfortunately I'm a textbook addict," he said.

"I will use anything at all possible to change the way I feel."

He said that at his lowest ebb, although he never considered committing suicide, he didn't care whether he lived or died.


"There were moments where I didn't care if it ended (although) I don't think I was going to end it."

But Williams said he was now a very different person.

"I'm very content, I'm loved up, I've got a little girl I need to look after.

"I'm very pleased, honoured and happy to do that."

Williams' new album, Take The Crown, will be released on November 2.