Rupert Everett claims injecting blood into your face is the "best thing".

The 53-year-old actor is fascinated with the latest fads to delay the signs of ageing.

Everett accepts there is pressure on stars in Hollywood to maintain youthful looks and he is open to experimenting with different procedures and products.

"I've tried it all in my time," he tells UK magazine Glamour.


"The best thing now is injecting blood back into your face. Botox is great. I'm going to have it in my dribble drains [points to lines from mouth to chin]."

The British star has put a lot of effort into choosing clothes and sticking to beauty regimes.

"My problem was, I always had to be more beautiful. Vanity is the opposite of thinking you're beautiful: vanity is thinking you're hideous when, in fact, you're good-looking," he says.

"Looking back, I always made much too much effort to be fabulous."