Vera Wang created a range of black wedding dresses because the hue is so sophisticated, she says.

The bridal gown designer debuted a range of black dresses, an un-traditional tone for weddings, in October 2011.

"We've done dresses that are all in pastel like Laduree pastries and macaroons, a recent collection in red, and a black collection. Black is really a nude; it started because we based the collection on underwear," she told Vogue Australia.

"The fact that black is so sophisticated it's a great background for exploring technique, just as nude is. And you can really see technique because both are almost neutral palates - nude and black are sort of a Chanel attitude."


Wang went on to discuss her inspiration, which comes from many different places.

"I wish I could say where the next idea comes from, I'm only going to say that I'm relieved when I do get inspiration because I worry that I won't be able to go to a new place from where I've been in the last time - that's kind of scary. And certainly after 20-odd years, you know that's a very big pressure."