Make some Father's Day food, the editor said. Well, not being one, this was a challenge. These days, many dads are quite keen on the kitchen and some might even be MasterChefs in their own home. But boys will be boys and, however sophisticated the man in your house might be, he will always welcome a grunty plate of indulgence.

I put the idea of "Father's Day Food" on my Facebook page to get some ideas. Here are some of the resulting suggestions: A bottle of milk that dad can drink from on his day only, a thick piece of steak, a hamper of chilli or barbecue sauces, wild mushrooms on toast, cake and cream for breakfast in bed. I can relate to all of these. I love eating last night's dessert first thing the next morning.

If your dad was like mine, he showed his support for his family by "doing stuff". Show your affection for your dad by doing something special for him. Here are some ideas.

Father's Day cafe


The whole family needs to join in on this one. Start with a copy of the Herald on Sunday and a cup of tea in bed. Give him a time to be up and ready for a BIG breakfast.

You will have bought eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc the day before and have them ready to cook.

Half an hour before you want dad to get up, set the table. Put out all the tomato and barbecue sauces.

Get the toast going.

Start cooking the bacon, grilling the tomatoes and sausages, etc.

If you have a coffee machine at home, delegate someone to make coffees. If not, organise someone to go out and get takeaways, timed to your cooking.

Give dad 10 minutes' notice.

Cook your eggs. Does dad like them fried, poached or scrambled?

Bring dad to the table and all sit down and eat together.

Try out these other recipes that will make dad's mouth water:
* Dad's glazed ham
* Alice Law's fruit cake
* Meat loaf
* Self-saucing chocolate pudding