Big appetites deserve a plate of hearty quality ingredients simply cooked.

The recipes today follow a masculine theme - delicious, hearty and robust flavours paired with healthy ingredients. Best of all, the three recipes are cooked in one dish and served on one plate. While the preparation is straightforward, the end result relies on choosing the best quality ingredients from the outset.

A large bowl of the freshest mussels, steamed until the shells just begin to open so the juices run into and combine with the flavours of wine, chilli, thyme, garlic and lemon is delicious and perfect to enjoy in front of the television with a beer or a glass of wine.

Begin this dish by dicing a variety of vegetables - onion, carrot, leek, potato - then stir with olive oil and garlic until caramelised. This provides a flavoursome base.

Skirt steak is a cut of meat that needs a little love. Cooked quickly over a hot grill, the result is fabulous. Hot and fast is the key - the meat should be rare. Pair with whichever seasonal vegetables you fancy. Whisk together the anchovy butter then spoon over the steak with any juices before serving.


When baking chicken, boneless chicken thigh meat offers plenty of flavour and is tender, compared to breast meat which can often be dry. Always add stock to add moisture to the dish. Cook gently and slowly. The flavours will infuse to create a delicious supper dish.