See you down South

Tiny burger buns - sliders, in the southern parlance - are begging for southern-style fillings. Slowly simmered pork, a shoulder slow-cooked in a tangy, chilli/barbecue sauce and "pulled" into soft strings, piled with finely shredded coleslaw is perfect finger food.

Fritter it away
Mini mussel or prawn fritters are an easy win - chop together the shellfish, herbs or spring onion, a bit of self-raising flour and some eggs, fry and tuck into the sliders with a chilli sauce and some shredded lettuce.

Baby burgers
Make your regular patties in miniature, layer into Loaf slider buns with lettuce, shredded carrots and even tiny slices of beetroot, with plenty of tomato sauce and mayo. The crowds will keep coming back for more.