Bored shop workers are a major turn-off for customers and put them off spending, according to a study.

The research revealed a 'pressing lack of engagement' among high street shop workers in the UK.

Retail and utilities staff received the lowest ratings from customers for displaying passion and enthusiasm for the job.

Shop workers also seemed the most bored, according to the study among 2000 UK consumers by the British Institute of Customer Service.


It revealed that businesses could be losing out on revenue as a result, with one in four consumers willing to pay more - on average 5 per cent - for better service.

The Institute asked consumers to rate service personnel on a range of factors, such as passion and knowledge.

Retail and utilities staff came out worst, with enthusiasm rated at 6.3 on a scale of one to ten, and passion for the job rated 6.2.

When asked how bored employees seemed, consumers rated staff in high street shops as 5.7 and utilities companies as 5.1.

But consumers rated banks highly, finding their customer service professionals to be the most friendly, with a rating of 7.8, helpful, at 7.7 out of ten, and enthusiastic, scoring 7.1.