Cupboard soup

Dilute and heat a good stock from the cupboard, mix in frozen veges, some canned beans and tomatoes, macaroni or shell pasta and simmer until the pasta cooks. Finish with pepper, chopped herbs and parmesan.

Rapid rice
Make a quick oriental stir fry with yesterday's rice: beat eggs with sliced spring onions, fry into a thin pancake. Cook garlic, ginger and rice until golden, stir in thawed, mixed veges, soy or oyster sauce and toss. Stir through the sliced egg pancake, garnish with spring onions, sesame seeds or cashew nuts for a fast leftovers lunch.

Bean there
Boost the vege count of bean salad (red and cannellini beans) with a cup of cooked mixed veges served in a peppery vinaigrette dressing. Or simmer veges with chilli beans, serve on nachos with cheese, chilli sauce or sour cream.