Radio announcer Amber Peebles talks us through her fashion sense.

Amber Peebles' career has had more turns than most, having been a beauty queen, TV presenter, blogger and now morning radio host. Peebles joined the new More FM breakfast team earlier this year, hosting alongside Marc Ellis and Stu Tolan. Another string to her stylish bow? She is also an ambassador for this year's New Zealand Fashion Festival. The well-known face tells us more about her approach to style, love of New Zealand fashion and favourite beauty discoveries.

I love New Zealand fashion because it's smart fashion. You can see and feel a lot of thought has been put into it. Over the past decade it has been amazing to watch it grow from strength to strength.

My first NZ fashion purchase was ... A pair of Huffer jeans. I wore them almost non-stop for three years.

My work wear is ... Well, considering I get dressed in the dark, at 4.45am, it's usually pretty relaxed.


The designer that I respect the most is Kathryn Wilson. She is obviously very talented and a very smart business woman but she blows me away with her down-to-earth nature.

If I could have anyone's wardrobe ... it would be Rihanna's. She has the most amazing style, takes plenty of risks but always looks spot on.

I do follow trends ... If I'm inspired by a trend, absolutely. I love to jump on board but if it's not me I just let it run its course.

Latest discovery ... M.A.C leg spray. It's the most amazing leg bronzer I've ever tried. An absolute must-have.

In my makeup bag ... M.A.C tinted lip conditioner SPF15 in Coral, Smashbox Halo Bronzer, Jojoba hydration mist, M.A.C eye shadow in Satin Taupe, Proactiv repair lotion and some hair spray by TRESemme.

My earliest fashion memory ... Going to school aged 7 in an outfit that I hoped resembled Madonna.

My favourite item of clothing ... This is a tough one, I have a couple of items I absolutely love but don't wear very often so I'm going to narrow it down to my most worn object and that would easily be my Sass & Bide jeans. I've thrashed them, dress 'em up or down and they're always a perfect fit.

My highest fashion moment ... I was flown over to host the Arias Red Carpet Special for MTV Australia (their host had chopped off a finger the day before) and the outfit they had waiting for me was the most amazing Roberto Cavalli number with Burberry heels. Wow.

My lowest fashion moment ... In my MTV days I wore some wacky things and they're all unfortunately caught on tape. But looking at the big picture I don't mind those "oh my God what was I thinking moments"; they all shape your style and opinion on what's hot or not. I'd say you almost need them.

The most treasured item in my wardrobe is ... A gorgeous 1920's sterling silver belt my mother-in-law Pamela gave me. It has the most stunning delicate detail of birds and leaves; it's like a piece of art.

Chain stores: love or hate? Chain stores on a whole don't really excite me, but they're necessary for your basics and the quick turn-around fashion pieces. Plus a lot of chain stores out there have really lifted their game which makes fashion more accessible and that's gotta be a good thing.

The best dressed man and woman in NZ are ... I'm loving Annabel Fay's style. She looks equally as good in a grey singlet with ripped jeans as she does in a slinky mini with sky scraping heels. As for best dressed guy, you're going to think I'm lame but I'm going to go with the husband, TV presenter Brooke Howard Smith.