A Lower Hutt woman looks set to make at least $10,000 for auctioning a spot on her bottom for a tattoo of the winner's liking.

The Trade Me auction "YOUR tattoo on my Bum!!'', listed by Lower Hutt woman Tina Beznec, has made international news and received almost 320,000 views since it went live last Wednesday.

The 23-year-old says the winner will get a 9 x 9 centimetre space on either cheek for a design of their choice.

The auction closes tomorrow at 5pm. Twenty percent of the winning bid will go to a charity of the winner's choice, but with bids already at $12,300, Ms Beznec will make at least $9840.


"I deserve it, I have been made redundant twice over the past year,'' she said on the listing.

Since her auction went viral, at least 10 other people have also decided to sell a piece of their skin - but the most any of them are currently going for is $1510.

Tina earlier said the attention she had received since posting the auction was "overwhelming''.

She already has other tattoos said she was a little upset by some negative feedback she had received.

"The thing that has bothered me is just some people judging ... this is just a crazy, get-rich, help charity out [campaign],'' she said.

Undeterred, she will decide with the winning bidder when the tattoo will be done, probably a few days after the auction closes.

A framed photo of the completed design will be sent to the winner, who can watch it being done if they live nearby.