Sione's 2 star Teuila Blakely talks to Viva about her fashion past and her laid-back approach to summer living.

A woman of many talents Teuila Blakely returns to the big screen as Leilani in the sequel Sione's 2: Unfinished Business, which opens in cinemas tomorrow. The actress, presenter, broadcaster and writer is currently on TV screens as Vasa in Shortland Street, and has also lent her distinctive voice to various shows and advertisements. She tells us more about fashion memories, her favourite places and Polynesian style.

This summer I will be wearing as little as possible, doing as little as possible and visiting as little as possible too. However, our door will be open, the fridge and the liquor cabinet will be well stocked for any and all that turn up on our doorstep.

I don't have a favourite designer as I love several. I'm particularly attracted to the classic fashion houses like Chanel, YSL and Louis Vuitton, as well as sporty looks like Ralph Lauren/Polo.

Polynesian style is unashamedly flamboyant.


Some of my earliest fashion memories involve the colourful kaftans my aunties would wear in the 1970's, my uncles' Hawaiian shirts, aviator sunglasses, flared jeans and big belt buckles and the maxi dresses I'd wear to church..

If I could have anyone's wardrobe it would be Jennifer Lopez's. I love her stylish mix of classic fashion and her N.Y.C Latina roots. She is always feminine, stylish and sexy.

I've worn some beautiful gowns and outfits over the years and loved so many of them for different reasons - but the Mena gown I wore to the Film and TV Awards last year was quite special. And I'm really excited about the dress I've chosen for the Sione's 2 premiere, too.

Personal style is far more attractive then any fashion fad. Looks always come back around eventually anyway. I follow new looks every season but I usually just incorporate a few new pieces and colours into my usual style.

My favourite neighbourhood, Te Atatu Peninsula in West Auckland, has some great cafes. Servo and Fuze cafes are great to stop in for breakfast/coffee. Luscious Food Store is fab for lunch or dinner, and Miss Melicious cupcakes and fine tea shop is a must-stop. Divine. The walkways around the Peninsula show off one of the lovelist aspects of Auckland City you can see. There is a lovely little gallery, called Abundance Art Gallery, that houses gorgeous works from local artists; well worth checking out.

My approach to beauty is "from the inside out works best".

If I wasn't acting I'd be helping save the world some other way.

You wouldn't know, but I'm very good at the piano.


It's not "fashionable" but I like ponchos.

I collect good people and beautiful memories.