Whether its denim or 70s suede, Ngahuia Williams knows how to make an outfit look good. Now she has her own business all about looking good.

She will be a familiar face to many, having featured in pretty much every local magazine there is, walked the runway for almost every high-profile local designer, appeared in various campaigns for the likes of Max and Levi's, and acted as the "model mentor" in the first season of New Zealand's Next Top Model. Now model Ngahuia Williams has taken on a new role as managing director of her own model and talent agency, NModel Management. An industry veteran at the age of 25, Williams talks us through her style.

What was your last fashion purchase?

A 1970s suede coat with sheepskin cuffs and lining from Savemart a few weeks ago. It was a good find.

And what do you want to be the next?


I wouldn't mind a backpack to carry all my belongings in.

Who are your favourite designers or labels?

When it comes to Fashion Week, I love Zambesi. They always put on a great show. I am a fan of Juliette Hogan, Ruby and Workshop.

Your favourite shop?

A vintage store in Brooklyn, New York called Beacon's Closet - I have found a bunch of cool things there, it's really big with so much to look at.

What's your fragrance?

I like Stella by Stella McCartney.

Your best beauty tip?


Drink as much water as you can.

Whose wardrobe would you most like to raid?

I have a girlfriend who is a hairdresser in New York City, her name is Teddi. Every time I go to New York we do a big clothes swap and I leave with items of her wardrobe and she keeps some of my things. I would love to raid her wardrobe again soon.

What's the most memorable job you've worked on?

I shot a television commercial for Korean Levi's Denim quite a few years back now and was flown to Brazil. In the commercial I had to run over building tops away from a guy wearing the same Levi's jeans as me. I was harnessed for the shoot and we shot on building tops in Rio de Janeiro. The whole experience will stay with me as one of the most memorable for so many reasons. It was the first time I had been to South America and the job was so challenging that it all added to the excitement of travel and work.

Who is your ultimate fashion plate?

As cliché as it sounds, Kate Moss does not have many off-days and she has started many a trend.

What is your favourite decade, style-wise?

I am a big fan of the 1970s - very sexy, simple, lots of denim, long dresses. Things really suited a women's body in the 70s. High-waisted pants always make a woman's legs look really long. I like that.

Your favourite stylish place?

The two local places you might see me chilling out at are Malt in Grey Lynn and I'm a big fan of [Ponsonby bar] Golden Dawn - it reminds me of New York.

When it comes to style, what does New Zealand get right?

We do comfortable street style well.

And what does it get wrong?

It would be nice to see more people not worry so much about what others think of their fashion sense - and it would also be nice to see others appreciate a good outfit.

Who are the best-dressed people in New Zealand?

Too many, I don't think I can pick a single man or woman.

What one item from your wardrobe do you put on and immediately feel great in?

My favourite pair of Workshop jeans.

What are you thinking about when you're on the runway?

Please do not fall over.

What advice would you give an aspiring model?

Humble confidence goes a long way. That is a trait I find beautiful in people.