Elizabeth Hurley has been teasing boyfriend Shane Warne about his plucked eyebrows.

The 46-year-old model-and-actress has been goading her cricketer lover on twitter and has compared his preened brows to evil, pointy eyebrowed 'Flash Gordon' Ming the Merciless.

In a series of tweets, referring to Shane by his initials, Elizabeth wrote: "I've decided to take full responsibility for SW's remarkable weight loss & will be publishing my secret, possibly evil, regime shortly (sic)."

Tweeting him directly, she added: "I'm about to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich-u may watch me as u slowly spoon up your thin & tasteless gruel. Then I'll sit on your back and make you do 200 one armed press ups ... And perhaps pin u down and re-tattoo your eyeliner (sic)."


He jokingly replied, saying: "Not the whip again if i have a chip!! standing on my back with those 8 inch heels whilst you make me do 200 push ups-hurts. Will you please be kind or hold my hand when you re tattoo my eyeliner-I have always had a fear of needles-hate them!!! (sic)"

He then added: "Just stole your tweezers whilst you were out too !!! Look out eye brows - Ming is going to make a return !!!! (sic)"

Elizabeth - who has recently been in New York filming Gossip Girl - continued to flirt, tweeting back: "You're going to be in big trouble if I have to contend with Ming the Merciless again. Be afraid."

She also pretended her phone had been hijacked by her pet parrot, Ping Pong, and that he had sent further tweets to Shane.

She wrote: "Def not two timing you, my Blonde Favourite. Don't tell Keeper, but I prefer u to her. (sic)"

She then added: "Oooops, Ping Pong just stole my phone and tweeted SW ... bad Ping Pong. And so disloyal to me ... base ingratitude. (sic)"

Retired sportsman Shane has undergone a dramatic makeover shedding over 30 pounds on a meal-replacement milkshake diet and a new fitness regime which sees him do a hundred push-ups and sit-ups per day.

- BANG! Showbiz