A cow-cocky from Canterbury has moved to Las Vegas in a bid to revolutionise the skincare industry with an invention inspired by his days on the farm.

Denie Hiestand's product Electric Body is an anti-ageing moisturising lotion containing 75 per cent colostrum - a milk-like fluid produced by cows, humans and other mammals late in pregnancy.

"When I look at the ingredients in most skin creams I'm amazed women are still alive," said the 62-year-old.

"The more I looked into it, the more frightened I became. I knew I had to come up with something that wasn't so toxic.

"I thought it would be easy, but it's been the most difficult thing I've ever done."

Dairy farming expert Professor Colin Holmes said colostrum was higher in protein than ordinary milk and contained high amounts of vitamin A, antibodies and immunoglobulins which protected newborns against disease.

"When you think about colostrum, you don't think about rubbing it on your face. But you never know, colostrum is a very good product."

Hiestand's product uses colostrum from New Zealand dairy cattle. It's exported to the US in a powder form then reconstituted with mineral water. It contains no chemicals, preservatives or fillers and has been approved by the European Union as an all-natural cosmetic.

"Every compound is exactly how nature made it," said Hiestand. "You could feed it to a newborn."

Hiestand said his background in agriculture meant he had an unconventional approach to skincare.

"The skin is a live, absorbable organ. Compounds you put on it are delivered into the bloodstream," he said.

"I'm a New Zealand dairy farmer. There's no way I'd spend seven years doing this if I didn't believe in it."

Electric Body sells on the internet for about $130 for 50ml and is stocked around the world - including at UK department store House of Fraser.

"We were the first unknown brand they've ever taken on in their 100 years of business," Hiestand said.

"I just called them up and asked for a meeting with the bosses. After that, they tested it for seven months and were so impressed they took it on."

Hiestand and his wife Shelley chose Las Vegas as their base because of its high number of tourists, low taxes and quality of life.

"It's a very beautiful, well-funded, modern city," said Hiestand.

"It's more than the one street. We can fly direct to any city in America and most of the major cities in the world."